First Post.

The obligatory first post. Let me introduce myself: I’m C, and I live with my husband A and my daughter Baby I, plus our two dogs. Yes, I am going to use initials and not full names. If you can learn to associate a name with someone you read but have never met, then you can learn to associate a letter with someone you read but have never met. Hey, if it helps, just think of my family members as having very short names.

I love to write, but with a four-month-old and a full-time job, deep, meaningful fiction writing is kind of out of the question. And I’m tired of jotting down snippets or story ideas only. So I decided to write about things that don’t take a lot of thought: everyday things.

Now, I’m not so self-absorbed that I think you’ll read my blog just because it deals with the mundane, everyday details of my life. I think the reason you may want to read this blog is because I plan to keep the writing just vague enough that you’ll be able to see something of yourself in it, and no one can resist reading something they identify with. Yep, I’m that calculating.

Here’s the game plan: I’m going to write about the raw emotions that I deal with on a day-to-day basis. I’m going to write about home life. I’m going to write about work life. I’m going to write about life as a mom, life as a friend, life as a member of biological and church families. I might post photos. I might post recipes. When you structure your blog to be a slice of life, anything is relevant, so anything is possible. If I get cool comments, I will probably mention them in future posts. If I get requests for guest posts, I might honor them. Heck, I might solicit my friends to write posts. I do have some pretty cool friends.

I hope you’ll pop in from time to time to read what I have to say. Or maybe writing into the thick abyss that is cyberspace will be enough for me. We’ll see…here goes nothing.


5 thoughts on “First Post.

  1. A says:

    Am I your first commenter? I hope so! Anyway, I am so excited that you’re blogging! I may start calling you “C” in person — it’s kind of a catchy nickname. Anyway, I’m eager to hear your take on stuff!

    Love, A and Baby E

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