Recipe – Peanut Butter “Cheese” Ball

So, I stole this recipe off of The Girl Who Ate Everything, but it is so incredibly good, I couldn’t not share!

It’s a glorious, sweet, sticky, ball of peanut butter. What’s not to like??

I changed the recipe from the link above. Ultimately, I added quite a bit less sugar than the recipe calls for (maybe just over half of what’s called for?) because the sugar’s purpose, I think, was to mask the taste of the cream cheese, which I enjoy. Plus, let’s be honest with ourselves, peanut butter probably has quite enough sugar already (you can’t use natural peanut butter with this recipe, because the oil separation messes with the cheese ball’s ability to hold its shape).

Before I jump into the recipe, I want to warn you that this was my first foray into food photography. And, Lord help me, I did it with an iPhone. Please excuse the photos, in short.

First, combine one 8oz. package of cream cheese with 3/4 cup peanut butter, some powdered sugar, and some brown sugar (I used about 2/3 cup powdered sugar an one heaping tablespoon brown sugar).

I used my stand mixer, and scraped the sides down with a spoon while it was running to get all the goodies.

Once it’s combined, wrap it up in some plastic wrap and shape it into a ball. At this point, you will need to freeze it for an hour and a half so it will start to hold its shape.

Now comes the fun part! Time to roll it in some chocolate and peanut butter chips (I used Nestle brand, and they actually sell a bag of chocolate and peanut butter morsels, so you don’t have to buy two separate bags). I ended up using most of the chips.

Now, freeze again until ready to use. I took mine to a picnic, so I froze it overnight and we ate it probably about 3 hours after I took it out of the freezer. It. Was. Perfect, y’all.


4 thoughts on “Recipe – Peanut Butter “Cheese” Ball

  1. Holy cow that looks good! And I think your photography is just fine.

    Also, sorry my mom keeps pimping out my blog. Haha. But I’m glad you like it! And I agree with what you said today about being happy with just a few followers who actually care. It’s exciting when new people follow along, but it’s not why I started writing. I also agree that people expect more personalized attention nowadays — I don’t work in social media completely, but we have a social media team that posts for different companies and I edit their posts before they go live and am involved in other ways, and I know that our team works to make it all suuper personal–answer every comment and message individually, and they get excited when people interact. But especially in blogging–where for most people, it’s already so personal and we’re posing our lives and making connections based on more than just a brand we like–I think being personal is especially important.

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