Photoshop Tutorial Results – Smoke Text

Smoke Text

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Guys. This is seriously so cool.I went to a liberal arts school where I majored in Design Arts (along with creative writing), so I’m something of a Photoshop/Illustrator junkie. Plus, I work with the Adobe Creative Suite A LOT at work. So, occasionally I’ll poke around on the web for cool tutorials to pick up some new tricks.

Here’s the tutorial I used to make the image above. It is definitely just a first try, but I wanted to share the coolness, since I have a blog now and all.

I think this would look pretty dang awesome as a poster in my office or house…haven’t decided that one yet.

[Design notes: the tutorial has you create the document at 72dpi, which is a web setting. I’ll have to adjust the size when I design my décor piece and bump the resolution up to about 150 for a large format inkjet, which is probably what I’ll have it printed on.]

Anyway, now you know my design secret: I find some pretty sweet tutorials, then adjust them until they work for me. Which I guess really isn’t a secret at all. The painful truth in art is that whatever you’re thinking of has probably been done before. The trick is to freshen it up with a new context, a new layer, a new color.

I’ll post photos when I get the design printed and hung in its new home!


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