Illustrator Tutorial Results – Lichtenstein Style Cartoon

Since I did a Photoshop tutorial post recently, I thought I’d give Illustrator some time in the spotlight. I used to hate Illustrator because it seemed foreign to me. I thought it was so complicated.

Turns out, once you learn a few tricks (for me, the biggest thing was the difference between the Photoshop pen tool and the Illustrator pen tool), it’s really intuitive. So, I’ve been wanting to attempt a detailed portrait for awhile, but I think that was a little advanced, so I decided to embark on a project with less detail first. I found this Lichtenstein-style cartoon tutorial, and it was perfect! The best part is I picked up some more pointers from this tutorial, like how to make, save and use a pattern in Illustrator – now, I’m probably more comfortable with Illustrator’s pattern settings than Photoshop’s…woohoo! I think the biggest hurdle to get over in this process was not judging my creation too early. When I first started adding the strokes, it looked suuuuper silly. But the more I added, the better it got. I decided to take a less-than-exact approach to the strokes, so the effect is slightly messy, which I love.

I’m using this illustration to represent me now…it’s pretty cool! Maybe in the near future, I’ll make one for A and Baby I as well!


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