This Is Your Desk on Mondays

This was my desk on Friday:

Friday Desk 2

…and this was my desk this morning:

Monday Desk 1

Monday Desk 2

Every Friday in the late afternoon at work, I make a point to clean my desk before I go home so that I’m ready to start the new week with a fresh slate. I’ve been in this habit for some time now, and I think it really helps me stay neat & organized (sort of) at work. Secretly, I feel like such a failure, cleaning-wise, at home, that I feel like if I just make my desk orderly at work, it kind of makes up for it. Doesn’t it?

Yeah, I know. Not really. A and Baby I, and even my dogs for that matter, never see my desk at work, and even if they did, its cleanliness wouldn’t benefit them in any way. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, for me, when it comes to work/home life balance, it’s easier to compartmentalize than to blend.

They say you can’t have it all. Meaning, you can’t be a great worker if you’re a great housekeeper and mother. You can’t be a great housekeeper if you’re a great worker and mother. Or you can’t be a great mother if you’re a great worker and housekeeper. Ouch.

While I think that tidbit has some truth to it (there are only 24 hours in the day, after all), I’m not sure how much weight I should give it in my own life. Do I wish my house were cleaner? Absolutely. But I’m not there all the time, and I would turn into an absolute crazy person if I used all of my spare time to make my home spotless. And let’s not forget priorities. Number one, I’m a wife, so it’s essential that I spend quality time with A (this is the precious two-ish hours after Baby I goes to bed and before we go to bed each night). Number two, I’m a mother, so it’s also essential that I pay attention to my child the moment I get home from work until she goes down for the night. The reason I work? For them. So the way I see it, I’m short changing them if I don’t do a stellar job at the office.

Let me lay it out for you like this:

{A short list of C’s priorities}

  1. Spend quality time with A – and make him dinner, because he doesn’t do recipes.
  2. Spend quality time with Baby I – make sure she is fed, changed, safe and entertained.
  3. Feed/water/play with the dogs. They’re my babies too.
  4. Make sure things get done at work. I like my coworkers, and I want to make their jobs easier. Plus, no job = not enough money for our family.
  5. Make time for my friends. They keep me sane.
  6. Clean the floor. Baby I will be crawling any minute.
  7. Do the dishes. It’s unsanitary, I suppose, if they sit there too long.
  8. Do laundry. People object to B.O. these days.
  9. Dust…we’re all allergic.
  10. Scrub the toilet…come on, who wants to do that anyway?

Here’s why things don’t get clean at my house: it’s way down on my list of things to do. And I’m tired of apologizing for it. I think I’d much rather be a great wife, mother and friend than a great housekeeper. And if that means I can’t “have it all,” then fine. I don’t really want “it all”.


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