30 Days of Healthy

Public domain image (translation: no, that’s definitely not me. I mean, look at her perfect form. Definitely not me.)

So, I stumbled upon a website called Social Workout, and decided on a whim to commit to 30 days of consciously meeting healthy goals. I try to think about being healthy every day, but sometimes I think about healthy things while eating pie straight out of the pan with a giant serving spoon.


So, this site inspired me. (It’s social media, so log on and find me; we can connect fitness goals!) There are several categories you can go to and select goals to set for yourself, including fitness, meditation, eating, sleeping, green living, and ‘other’ goals. I set goals in every category except sleep. Because, let’s be real, I’d just be setting myself up for failure.

Here are my healthy goals:

  1. Do four workouts per week for four weeks
  2. Buy local one day per week for four weeks
  3. Declutter (get rid of) one item per day for 30 days
  4. Eat 2 servings of fruits and vegetables per day for 30 days
  5. Write one thing I’m grateful for per day for 30 days

I’m pretty pumped…hopefully I can keep these up for the next month. I plan on checking in on the blog once a week to tell y’all how I did. So here goes week 1…see you on the other side!


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