30 Days of Healthy: Week 3 Recap

Ugh, another week gone by without a post. I promise I have some drafts going, so there will one day be more on this blog than these goal recaps (plus, there’s only one week left in the challenge, so yay!). I’m going to warn you: this week was absolutely pathetic. But I’m confessing my shortcomings to you anyway, dear reader.

1. Four workouts
No. Not even close. My foot hurt so bad and was so stiff until just yesterday that there was absolutely zero I could do besides crunches. So I did crunches…lots and lots of crunches. But crunches don’t cause me to sweat, and I rarely have the time to do enough to make me feel like I accomplished anything. Maybe my form is off?

2. Buy local one time
No. The only thing I bought this week was gas, and local is not an option. I’m dirt poor, so the idea of going out of my way to buy something just to meet this goal seemed ridiculous.

3. Throw away one clutter item per day
Ok, I did do this! We bought a new-to-us couch this week (pictures to come, maybe) and as a result had to re-arrange the living room. I threw away a TON of mail/office junk clutter and also packed away some books that are going on sale either on Amazon or perhaps in a garage sale when the temps come down…no way that is happening in a heat wave! Also: anyone need a couch?

4. Eat two servings of fruit and two servings of vegetables per day
I did pretty darn well this week! I did not hit the vegetable portion of this goal every day, but almost.

5. Write something you’re grateful for everyday.
I’ve got them right here:
Wednesday: I’m grateful for helping hands. A and some of my friends helped me limp around all week. 
Thursday: I’m grateful for time to just veg. My brain has been abuzz lately and today I allowed myself an hour to zone out in front of the TV. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need, you know?
Friday: I’m grateful for my job. I was really busy this week, and it sure passes the time really quickly, plus I love having a ton of stuff to do…I feel like the more I have on my plate, the more productive I am.
Saturday: I’m grateful for my extended family. Some of them were in town today, and I hadn’t seen them for months and months. They really are an awesome group of people!
Sunday: II’m grateful for pools on hot days. ‘Nuff said.
Monday: I’m grateful for all the people I know…it really is a lot of people. And that’s a good thing all around!
Tuesday: I’m grateful for my puppy dogs…love playing fetch with them. It never gets old.

So week three didn’t go so well. I guess no one’s perfect, yes? In baby development, there is a theory that they can’t make huge progress in physical and mental development at the same time, so if a baby is, say, working on crawling, they may stop babbling for a little bit until they get those motor skills down. Or, if the baby is forming a word, s/he may stop walking for a few days. Maybe that’s sort of what’s happening to me: I am working on being grateful for the things in my life so I slowed down on the physical activity? Or maybe I’m just making tons of excuses…


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