30 Days of Healthy – Challenge Recap

The 30 days is already over! Whew…I don’t know if I would call it a blinding success. I didn’t lose 30 pounds or 20 inches and my teeth aren’t whiter and my skin isn’t glowing. I didn’t expect any of these things though; the challenge was really more about being intentional about my health. And that, I did accomplish.

Instead of breaking down all of my goals this past week, I want to just provide a general overview and my thoughts. I was keenly aware that this was the last week, and I wanted to work really hard to meet all of my goals. Some I did (fruits and vegetables, helloooo) and some I did not (2 official workouts fell short).

What I gleaned from the past 30 days is that there are things in life (like gout) that will put you off track, whether it’s convenient or not. And when that happens, you need to have a backup plan for what you’re going to do to stay healthy even outside of your normal routine (like sticking with nutritional goals and doing crunches). Those weeks when my foot hurt so bad, I felt like a failure at first for not being able to stick with my more rigorous workouts. But then I realized that had I not set this goal, had health not been at the forefront in my mind, I would never have even done the crunches when my foot hurt. Something is always better than nothing, amirite?

So no, I did not meet every single one of my goals each day for 30 days. But overall, I think that’s okay, because what I did do was accomplish my larger goal of thinking about my mental, physical and emotional health every day. That’s something I hope to continue.


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