Sunday Social – Round Two for Me

So, Sunday Social has been going on without me for several weeks, but I’m joining in again this week…linking up here:

Sunday Social

Once again, go to the original post (button above, people), and see a list of other bloggers who also linked up and answered the same questions. Fun!

Without further ado, here go the questions…

Best trip you’ve ever been on

Hands down, Oceanside, CA is the best place to spend some downtime EVER. I love love love every single time I was there, but the first time I went with A has to be my favorite. He wasn’t sure how much he would like the beach, but the moment we got there, he fell completely in love with Oceanside’s mild-weather, windy, clean cool. Le sigh.

The sunset over the pier in Oceanside

This is A skipping rocks during our first day on the beach.

Best idea for a girls weekend trip

Well, I haven’t ever officially gone on a girl’s weekend trip, but I do have lofty ideas. No budget ideas include New York (for the shopping, obviously), Seattle (for the coffee) and Vegas (for the funsies). Real-life ideas include a weekend at a lake cabin, or Eureka Springs, AR, which are both way cooler than they sound.

Click the photo for the original source: Southern Living

Eureka Springs is beautiful and they have some of the most fantastic spas around. Ahhhh!

New goal: girls weekend trip!

Best idea for a couples trip

Well, as mentioned above, I can’t really imagine a much better trip to take with A than to Oceanside. We have also been to Eureka Springs together several times, which was really fun. I’d like to go to the East coast with him, because I have never been there and he’s been all over the U.S. and could be my tour guide 🙂

Best vacation on the cheap

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Eureka Springs is hard to beat. It’s cheap for everyone, but even more so for me since it’s within reasonable driving distance. The hotels are cheap-ish and it’s easy to afford a suite, or it has a TON of great bed and breakfasts. The food is fantastic, there’s lots of good shopping, and a lake close by for some free entertainment.

Place you most want to visit

My dream is to tour Europe. The top places on my wishlist include London, Scotland (all), Ireland (all), Berlin, Amsterdam, and Prague.

Vacation/Travel necessities

I’m really not a heavy traveler, but I would never travel without makeup, layering essentials (tanks, T-shirts, and cardigans), and sunscreen.

I have fit all my stuff for a week + into this bag.

I don’t have any travel plans this summer because I’ve got a six-month-old. How about you? Where are you traveling this summer?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Social – Round Two for Me

  1. I wish we had a trip planned for this summer but it doesn’t look like it’s happening. Which is funny in a way since we’re getting married in September and don’t have a honeymoon planned. Although we do plan on taking a honeymoon early next summer and the goal would be to go to Greece.

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