If You Really Knew Me…

Moleskine Travel Kit

Moleskine Travel Kit (Photo credit: dmpop)

OK, so this is the equivalent of one of those Facebook statuses that everyone starts doing and it clogs up your feed and gets really annoying, except in the blog world. But I’m doing it anyway, HA! It’s just how it sounds. So here it goes…

If you really knew me…

You’d know that I’m an introvert at heart, and like a true introvert, once I know you, I don’t shut up.

You’d know that I can’t stop redecorating my house.

You’d know that I’m obsessed with good design. I’m just always changing what my opinion of good design really is.

You’d know that I should buy stock in my local coffee house, The Mudhouse, because with me around, that place is never going out of business.

You’d know that I have severe Ophidiophobia. That is not a joke.

You’d know that I dress professionally at work but at home, take pride in never matching.

You’d know that I am probably one in five females on the planet who is blue-green colorblind. Most likely the lone soul who is also a graphic designer. You’d also know that I secretly have no idea how I make this work. I just do.

You’d know that I am an extreme daydreamer. It’s probably a sport, and I’m probably a gold medalist.

You’d know that I have three Moleskine notebooks filled with writing ideas. If I won the lottery, I’d become a hermit and make every single one of them come to life.

You’d know just how obscure and diverse my music tastes are. If you don’t know me, you can’t begin to imagine.

You’d know I absolutely hate not having all the answers.

You’d know how much I love humanity. I really, really do.

What would I know about you if I really knew you?


2 thoughts on “If You Really Knew Me…

  1. When I was in the area for Meleah’s wedding, we stopped at Coffee Ethic downtown, and even though I knew you like the Mudhouse, I was secretly looking for you. Actually, now that I think about it, we were at the Mudhouse too. But we were all busy not making eye contact with the baristas since we were only there so Meleah could use their bathroom to make a toilet paper veil…

    • I am extremely biased against Coffee Ethic, but it’s okay, I guess 😉
      and LOL at the toilet paper veil! Next time you’re in town, let me know! We can go to the Mudhouse for the coffee (not just the bathrooms, although they are nice).

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