Some Thoughts on the Election Thus Far

Mitt Romney surrounded by supporters during th...

Mitt Romney surrounded by supporters during the Milford Labor Day parade. Milford, NH. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After watching Mitt Romney’s speech last night, I have a few thoughts. Before I jump in, I want to note that my readers hold extremely diverse political viewpoints, so if you comment on this post, please keep your message civil and policy-focused. Do not make blanket statements such as “all Republicans,” or “you liberals.” And if you absolutely must attack someone, attack me (and then I will delete your comment. HA!) Ok, here goes…

First, no one really “deserves” any more than what they work for. Right now, for some people, that is much more than what they have. For others, it’s much less. But that’s life; nothing is fair. Some people have the “right” last name, some people are more disadvantaged.  This is not a utopia. No president can make it one. I am all for leveling the playing field as much as possible (in a way that neither candidate has suggested, by the way) but let’s not pretend a politician (or group or politicians) can – or will – magically make this happen for us. They won’t.

Second, are we really going to be satisfied with choices A and B? Where are choices C, D, E, F and G? Americans, do you really believe that anything can get better while you’re choosing between the lesser of two evils? It’s flawed logic, it isn’t helping, and it’s dangerous. If you’re really excited about the candidate you’re supporting, that’s fantastic. Go vote, and feel good about it. If you’re not excited, then I think you may need to take a serious look at why you’re supporting a candidate you don’t really think will be the best person for the job.

Number three: I know I don’t speak for everyone, but my views from the last election to this one have changed so much. Some of the things I said to people who I didn’t see eye-to-eye with back then really bother me now. How could I have had such tunnel vision? Why did I feel that way? These reflections are major motivators for me now to be understanding of why others feel the need to get angry at their “opposition.” But I don’t think it’s the best use of their time, and I don’t anticipate them being particularly proud of what they had to say four years from now.

Just my thoughts.


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