Confession: I’m an Interior Decorating Fool

Interior Design (album)

Interior Design (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s some thoughts on interior design, courtesy of the New York Times.

This article discusses the idea of “propping,” that is, arranging your home and/or having things in your home that really serve no purpose to you, other than to make people think “oh, that is so awesome. What fantastic design sense this person has.” And I’m going to own this right now: I want that.

I want my home to be comfortable and cozy and well organized, yes, but my home is an extension of me. So as someone who is a design professional and who has artsy-fartsy leanings, I do not want my home to look like either a.) I walked into Ikea/J.C. Penny Homestore/whatever and bought the floor models OR b.) the concept was half-baked and the execution was half-assed (alas, that’s pretty much what my home looks like).

So, like 99.947238947289% of other twenty-somethings with web access, I comb Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, and magazines like Dwell and Elle Decor (yes, along with Ikea and CB2) for ideas on the next best home decorating trend.

The NYT article makes this argument:

“One wonders if earlier generations were so self-conscious about decorating their homes. Didn’t they simply buy things they liked or could put to good use, and keep them for decades?”

“Twenty-five years ago, you saw the inside of the homes of your friends and neighbors, and of members of your extended family, and that was about it. Now there are countless images of picture-perfect interiors online to stoke your sense of envy and aspiration.”

But that’s so not true! The women’s magazine has been popular since the 1940s, and women were bombarded with endless homemaking, decor and (what was ultimately) design tips from that point on. This new era of design obsession that I find myself (happily) a part of is nothing new; like many things, it’s just now at the population’s attention on a wider scale because we can (and do) share it all.


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