Staycation All I Ever Wanted

Ok, so maybe a staycation isn’t all I’ve ever wanted, but it’s exactly what I needed last week. My last day at my old job was January 4th, and then I took the next blissful week to myself (with Baby I, of course), which culminated in a very special first birthday party! I’m mom to a one-year-old. Wow!

Here’s what I did on my wonderful week off:

Monday – House Projects


Project #1: A new welcome mat (on sale!!)


Project #2: A Shoe rack in my closet. It JUST fit all my shoes!


Probably the most successful project: new sconces in the bedroom!

Tuesday – Baby I’s First Library Storytime


Baby I on her mat. She payed attention nearly the whole time!

Wednesday – PJ Day!

Baby I and I hung out in our PJs all day. There are no photos of this.

Thursday – Housework/Massage Day

I did housework all morning, and then in the afternoon, my mom came over to watch Baby I and I got an hour long massage, during which I’m pretty sure I fell asleep multiple times. It was glorious. There really aren’t any pictures from this day, but here’s something…


This was Baby I’s contribution to the housework.

Weekend – Baby I Turns One!

Mostly, I was glad I had such a fun and relaxing week so that I could focus on Baby I’s biggest milestone to date: her first birthday. We did a small party (she made out like a bandit with tons of new toys, clothes and books) and just spent a lot of time together as a family. It was fantastic.

In summary, best week in a very long time. I still want to go on a real vacation in the late summer or fall, but this staycation was the next best thing, for sure. What about you? Have you ever taken a staycation? Did you enjoy it, or did you wish you had taken a real (traveling) vacation?


4 thoughts on “Staycation All I Ever Wanted

  1. now I want a staycation!!! I’ve never really taken one. Hubs always wants to go travel somehwhere new, so this year we are doing that, but have no plans, so i PLAN to do a lot of sleeping in and relaxing, blogging, the stuff i never get time for!

    P.S. Love the TP roll picture. I have one of those from months ago… kids are so cute you can’t be mad at them for wasting the paper!

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