A Little East of Everyday

So, a couple of weeks ago (sorry, I’m a slow vacation recoverer), I took A on a birthday trip! We live about five hours west of Memphis, but I’ve never been there. A loves it and has a good friend there, so I knew we’d have a good time. But in reality, we had a GEAT time, despite how nervous I was to leave Baby I for more than a night for the first time. I had forgotten how much fun it is to be someplace new. Here are some highlights from the trip. Warning: it’s picture heavy.

First stop: Mammoth Spring



Mammoth Spring is one of the largest springs in the Ozarks. Even though I live in the region, it’s really easy to forget just how gorgeous it is. So we stopped here for a little breather. Once we hopped back in the car, I was officially in vacation mode. Onward!

Our view from the hotel

Our view from the hotel

We stayed right downtown in Memphis, about a block away from Beale Street. It was super convenient, but I was worried it would be noisy. Turns out, it wasn’t at all. Protip if you ever stay in downtown Memphis, though: don’t let them valet your car! All of the hotels charge outrageous fees and there are no parking lots. They will try to tell you that it’s more expensive to park overnight in a parking garage, but they are lying! We paid the valet the first night, then less than half the price to park in the garage across the street the rest of the time.

The Peabody lobby

The Peabody lobby

We couldn’t stay in downtown Memphis without seeing the ducks march at the Peabody Hotel! We didn’t actually stay in The Peabody, but it’s free for anyone to come watch. I figured, since it was a weekday morning, we wouldn’t have any problems with crowds, but that place was PACKED! I did see the ducks, but I didn’t get a decent picture of them. 😦

Walking Adventures

Walking Adventures

When A and I go somewhere, we love to walk and explore, which is why I knew we’d want to stay downtown. Memphis actually isn’t a very busy city, especially in the daytime. I liked the laid back feel there, but it was very different from any city I’d been to before. We tried to explore as much as possible, but it’s quite sprawling. One day, according to my fitbit, I walked over 17,000 steps, and we still didn’t get to see all of the neighborhoods that we wanted to. Next time!

Mud Island map of the Mississippi

Mud Island map of the Mississippi

We hit Mud Island, which I thought would be a short outing, and honestly, I wasn’t really excited about it. But it turned out to be really cool! You can take a monorail from downtown across the river to the museum and this (awesome) map of the Mississippi river. It’s about a mile long, with accurate topography. You can even wade in the water! It’s neat to see which parts of the river flow quickly and which parts are more calm.

Ship in the Mud Island museum

Ship in the Mud Island museum

Next, we went inside to the museum, which is pretty large. It was kind of a smattering of everything, but super fun to explore. This ship is from the section of the museum that’s (fittingly) all about the Mississippi river. If you ever go, be sure to watch the short “river disasters” film. It’s…hilarious.

There’s also a musical history section of the museum. Some of it is a little questionable:



But we finished our museum walk and went outside to marvel at the Mississippi once again before leaving.

Mighty Mississip.

Mighty Mississip.

And then I may or may not have left my phone on a bench and freaked out about it. And a very nice British couple may or may not have found it. Nothing like an unexpected adventure to spice up your vacation!

The rest of the time, we spent galavanting and taking in Beale Street on the weekend nights, which get pretty crazy. It wasn’t very conducive to photos. Just picture neon signs, and waves of people. Two or three bands every block and a bar set up outside of almost every building. It was fun times. On Sunday morning, we took a walk down Beale in search of breakfast at about 7:30am, and the bar keepers were still cleaning out their places. And it had a distinct odor. I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

In conclusion, it was an awesome vacation, and one that A and I badly needed. I missed Baby I terribly, of course, but she was happy and well taken care of. And my mom texted my pictures and videos every day, which helped a ton 🙂

Bye, Memphis! I won't be a stranger - I'll be back!

Bye, Memphis! I won’t be a stranger – I’ll be back!

Did you take a vacation this summer? Where did you go?








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