Dog Days

Dear readers, I apologize for my long absence. I’ve been running on empty lately, but I’ll try not to neglect the blog for so long again.


So, at the beginning of the summer, we adopted our third dog, Voxie.


She’s a boxer, about a year and a half, and was found in a parking lot. The shelter tried for weeks to find her home, but with no luck. She had no microchip, hadn’t been spayed, and was far too skinny. She was a stray.

I am a bleeding heart when it comes to animals. So is A. So it’s not really a good idea for us to go into shelters or pet stores, read classified ads, etc. But sometimes we do. And when we do, we end up with animals. In this case, a 50-lb. boxer.

Voxie on one of her first car rides with us.

Voxie on one of her first car rides with us.

Those first couple of weeks with Voxie were pretty hard. Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing but the adjustment is so much different than when you’re getting a puppy. Voxie had a lot of pent-up energy as a result of living in a kennel for a few months. The first few days, she was insane. I didn’t know if she would ever settle down, and what we would do if she didn’t. She mouthed our hands constantly. She had accidents in the house. I cried daily because I kept thinking I had made the wrong decision.

But you know what? Every day got a little bit better. And one day, the entire daily routine was extremely pleasant, and I realized that Voxie had been a completely normal dog that day. That her enthusiastic personality was fun, and that lately, she had been sufficiently high-energy without crossing the line into “hyper” or “crazy.” That when she put her head in my lap at the end of the day, I could no longer imagine my life without her.

Voxie on her obedience school graduation day!

Voxie on her obedience school graduation day!

Our little dogs were good with the transition, considering their age and Voxie’s size and energy level, but adjusting to giving love to three dogs and a toddler isn’t a walk in the park. You can’t always find a way to carve out time for everyone. I’m doing a bit better, and ultimately my goal is to cut out the time-sucks from my life so that I can spend the best quality time with my entire family (but don’t worry, dear readers! I don’t classify blogging as a time-suck).

Have you ever adopted a new pet? Was there a long adjustment period? Would you adopt again?


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