The Resolutions Post

I had been going back and forth on whether or not I would post about my resolutions for 2014, but I’ve finally arrived at a place where I think it’s best to go “public” with my blog readers. So, without further ado…

Spend my lunch breaks more wisely

Most of my lunch breaks in 2013 consisted of me checking Facebook multiple times, looking at Buzzfeed, or doing something else incredibly mindless as I ate my food at my desk. It’s time to stop looking at my computer’s clock after venturing down the Internet rabbit hole and being surprised that my hour is up.

This year, if I’m not running errands or eating lunch out, I plan to read, study, or work out during lunch. No more Internet rabbit holes.

Send out real birthday cards

I live a really, really long way away from a lot of my family, so it takes a special effort to stay in touch. One of the things I plan to do about that this year is to send them all real, paper birthday cards through the actual mail. So much more personal than email.

Give more generously

A and I can be pretty selfish with our money. After all, we’re young, and we struggle sometimes, especially now that A is in school and we’re living on my income alone. Conventional wisdom would dictate that it’s perfectly ok for us to keep all of the money that we make because we can definitely put it to good use.


Is it really okay to describe us as struggling when we’ve been blessed with so much? When people in our own city, in our own neighborhood are going hungry? When our church has served us so faithfully and we’ve given very little back? It’s not ok. I’m not saying we’ll forgo the essentials, but we’re making more of an effort this year with our money.

Work on preparing meals ahead of time

It’s sort of a cliché, but the truth is that the biggest detriment to both my diet and my budget is when I’m pressed for time and unprepared with food. I tend to not be very creative with ingredients that I have on hand unless I’ve made a plan ahead of time. And even when I do have a plan, if there’s an unexpected change to my schedule and I suddenly only have 30 minutes for supper instead of an hour, I’ll panic and get takeout.

So this year, I’m going to try to have a few meals in the freezer, ready to heat up and eat, at all times. I’ve yet to do this for lunches or dinners, but soon. I have done this with my breakfasts, and it’s been way awesome.

Those are the big, specific ones, aside from the ubiquitous ones like spending more quality time with A and Baby I, learning new things, keeping better house, enjoying myself more, etc.

 What are your resolutions for the new year? Do you tend to keep them?


3 thoughts on “The Resolutions Post

  1. love your resolutions! i workout at lunch – such a great use of time. sometimes i can squeeze in a change, mile run, shower+change and be back in the office under 30 minutes! Such a better use of time that perusing the internet. And I totally feel the same about giving back. i struggle to get by every month, but there are some people/families that can’t even do that – so it’s good to look at the glass half full and realize although we may struggle, it could be worse.

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