This is not a blog post.

Hello, dear readers.

I’m right in the middle of a busy time at work, just beginning my first semester of grad school, and, of course, my big two-year-old keeps me on my toes, too. (Sidenote: I’m wondering if I need to stop calling her Baby I? She’s so not a baby anymore – just ask her!)

My point: You’re going to have to bear with me for a bit while I settle into my new normal.

So, this is not a blog post. It’s a play list. Here’s my week summed up in five songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Barton Hollow – The Civil Wars

2. Little Lover’s So Polite – The Silversun Pickups

3. Bad Blood – Bastille

4. Minor Keys – Starflyer 59

5. Lost in My Mind – The Head and the Heart

I don’t mean to imply that each of these songs represent how my week’s been going, because that would be d-r-a-m-a! Rather, this is a list of songs that have been stuck in my head this week 🙂

If you’re inspired to create a playlist for your week, let me know so I can check it out! I love finding out what everyone’s taste in music is. Also, I’m totally open to suggestions on what Baby I’s new name should be. You know, besides “Toddler I.”


2 thoughts on “This is not a blog post.

  1. You have the same problem I do about re-naming one of the supporting cast of your blog. My The Brit was promoted to husband a few months back, and I am still not sure what to call him aside from the mundane, predictable The Husband. I refer to my daughter as Shoosie because she would never wear shoes as a wee one, so we called her that in real life. Maybe Baby has a funny habit you could create a name from?

    As for my music playlist… I have to be honest to say that I have never heard of any of the songs/artists you listed. *blush* I don’t know much about pop music. My list ranges from Mozart to Norah Jones, with a few of Queen’s catchier tunes thrown in (Killer Queen is one of my favs).

    Good luck in finding your new normal. Ugh… I know how hard that can be!

    • I’m still stewing on I’s new name. Maybe she won’t get one, and I’ll just call her “Baby I” forever 🙂 And congratulations on promoting The Brit to Husband!

      Most of the songs I posted are obscure things I discovered through Spotify’s radio feature. I wouldn’t have known about them apart from that, either. I love Norah Jones, too!

      Thanks for reading! I like to think that we’re all sort of finding new normals everyday. Having people read my blog and sympathize makes me feel less alone.

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