Things I Learned in February (Link Up)

Today I’m linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky (and others) to share what I learned this month. Not super exciting, but a really fun exercise for reflection. So, what did I learn this month?

  1. Two-year-olds are incredible. Baby I learned her effing left from her effing right. She’s two. I’m pretty sure I was like…20 when I finally learned my left from my right. She absorbs everything she sees and hears, and can recall it several days later. It’s just so amazing to watch someone go from 100% dependent blob to bright, fun, surprising toddler in two short years.
  2. How to make a fancy meal and when to give up the ghost. One Tuesday night in the middle of February, I tried out a fancy new recipe just for fun. On the menu? Pomegranate- ginger glazed pork loin with arugula salad with pears, roasted grapes and toasted walnuts on the side. A and Baby I were less than impressed. Verdict: not worth the effort.
  3. All about gallbladders: about a week ago, I was having some stomach pain, heartburn, and other symptoms that led my Google searching to gallbladder info. What I had sure does seem like a gallbladder attack, but after reading that the usual course of action is surgery, and about the special diet they put you on, I decided to just wait to see if it happens again (FYI, the pain is gone for now).

What did you learn this month? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear about it!


3 thoughts on “Things I Learned in February (Link Up)

  1. Loved your “things I learned” my 2 year old is constantly AMAZING me. He’s been learning his numbers, just to keep himself occupied. His siblings didn’t do that till later…

    Also loved the “not worth it” one. Yeah – been there done that. But every once in a while there is that “oh this was SO good!!” That makes all the bombed attempts at a home-cooked meal worth it.

  2. Sarah Magruder says:

    Ride out the Gall bladder . listen to your body and stay away from trigger foods that might upset it. It is different for everyone.

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