It’s My One-Year Home-Closing-Aversary!

Exactly one year ago today, A and I closed on our house! To celebrate, I’ve got a series planned for the blog: I’m going to do some posts with before/after pics, complete with vision and inspiration for what I want for each space. I even made a button:


Some things to keep in mind for my Mid-Mod Masterpiece one-year update series:

1. Most of these rooms have only had a fresh coat of paint. Some of them haven’t even had that. It’s been a rough year.

2. I debated about whether I would stage the rooms before photographing. But then I decided that this isn’t Apartment Therapy, and I want to be real on this blog. No need to put on airs for you guys. Therefore, there will be clutter, dust, and dishes. Enjoy.

3. I always feel like, when people post visions for their space, they’re planning a renovation right away. This does not describe me. Considering my current money situation and time commitments, these are pie-in-the-sky dreams. But it will be so much fun to see how my taste/vision and updates change over the years!

Without further ado, the first space I want to show you guys is…

The Exterrior



This is the real estate photo of our house. Apparently the weather was less than ideal.



We added a flag. The end. Also, the weather is better.


Not a whole lot updated on the outside yet, but we do have plans to paint! The paint on our siding is in pretty bad shape, so we’ll need to scrape, sand, and alllll of that business. I’m not excited about it at all. Aside from the actual work this is going to require, choosing the color scheme was another challenge because of the red brick and reddish roof we have to work with. A really doesn’t want to paint the house white again, and we both want something a little more mod. So, here’s a mock-up of our idea:




What do you think of our color scheme idea? Any tips for the long, torturous painting process?


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