Mid-Mod Masterpiece Update: The Living Room

Last week, to celebrate one whole year of living in our Midcentury Modern Masterpiece of a house, I introduced this series in which I’ll post before & after updates, plus a vision for improvements. This week, I give you: the living room.


This is the real estate photo, looking into the living room from the staircase.


Looking into the living room from the dining room

So, here’s the after (and let me refer you to my original post, where I explained that I wouldn’t be staging or anything fancy like that).


Looking in from the staircase


Looking in from the dining room


And just for fun, because Voxie loves being a model.

So we haven’t done a whole lot to the living room, besides furnish it and clutter it up. I don’t know how well you can see from the real estate photos, but the paint that was in the living room (and throughout the house, really) was DINGY when we moved in. So the new coat of paint works wonders.

We adore the orange floral sofa we bought at a vintage shop a couple of years ago, so things in the living room have to stay pretty neutral in order to deal with that. However, one thing we are thinking about is painting the fireplace. We want to stay true to the midcentury character of the house, so leaving the brick is an option, but here are some other options:


Green was my first thought.


But I do love harvest gold.


And then I decided to just go wild and have fun.


I was shocked at how fun that aqua is.


The living room is generally when our guests say something like, “wow, you guys really like midcentury stuff,” so you’re probably getting the feel for the house now.

What do you think? Would you paint the giant honking fireplace in the living room? Which color would you go with?


6 thoughts on “Mid-Mod Masterpiece Update: The Living Room

    • White would be so pretty! But I think maybe just a touch too much white for my taste. I think I would feel differently about that if I were planning on selling the house, ever. Beige would be a nice compromise, too, but my last home was ALL beige (inside and out!) so I vowed “no beige” ever again! Admittedly, my taste is not conventional, so I think that for most people, a white would be just perfect.

      • Yes, I agree, that would be a lot of white! I love that your taste is not conventional! I would have never thought of those fun colors, but I know once it was on the wall (or brick, in this case), it would make me happy just looking at it! It’s amazing what colors can do to a room and the moods of people in them!

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