Last month, A and I went to San Diego. Sigh. Do any of you have places that are not your home, but you feel like they should be? Or places where a little piece of your heart is always living? That’s what San Diego is for me.

We stayed a bit north of San Diego, right on the beach, and used public transport to go into the city. We had an excellent time. Here’s a bit of photographic evidence:


First thing we did was plant ourselves on the beach.

North Coast Village

The view from the bedroom window in the condo where we stayed.

Sante Fe Depot

We also ventured into the city. Here’s a shot downtown outside of the transit center.

North Park

We didn’t have time to see as much of the city as we wanted, but here’s the sign in our favorite uptown neighborhood.

Balboa Park

Of course we went to Balboa Park. Great museums and beautiful grounds.

Water at the park

A water feature at Balboa Park


We made some duckie friends at Balboa, too.


We spent a day venturing to Escondido to visit Stone Brewery, which is inconspicuous from the outside.


We also went to Mission Brewery, which is near the Gaslamp Quarter, and very cool inside.

Sunset Market

We attended this HUGE farmer’s market in the town where we stayed. It’s in the evening, so you get to take in the beautiful coastal sunset while you shop and eat.

Beach Break

I mean, you can’t talk about SoCal without mentioning the fantastic food. Especially the breakfast food, which is my favorite variety of food.

San Diego Airport

The flight that was supposed to take us back home got cancelled the day we were supposed to leave. So we took in some airport sights while we waited for the next one.

Stone Bar

…And visited the Stone inside the airport while we waited some more…

Hotel lobby

…And eventually, it became clear that we weren’t going to be making it home that day. So the airport put us up in a hotel that turned out to be pretty swanky. Here’s the lobby.

Bonus Day

And here was the view from our room during our bonus day.


Did any of you/are any of you taking a summer vacation this season? Where are you going? Who’s been to San Diego? Does it have the hold on everyone that it has on me? On a scale of 1 – Don Quixote, how insane would it be to pick up my entire life and family and move 1,500 miles just because I like it there?


One thought on “Vacation.

  1. Since it feels like your home away from home, it wouldn’t be quite Don-Quixote-crazy to move there, but it would certainly be an adventure! Make sure your house has plenty of room, because I’ll be visiting all the time!

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