Tuesday Catch-Up

So, I originally wrote this post on Sunday, but my computer crashed and I lost all of it. I stayed mad for a couple of days, but I’m posting now 🙂

Dear readers, I have missed you! The last couple of months have been absolutely insane. I just wanted to take a minute to play catch-up on what’s been going on with me (leave me what’s been going on with you in the comments!) and get back to the meatier, themed posts later. So here’s what’s been keeping me too busy to blog:

1. Work
The fall is crazy at work. One of the nice things about working at a university is that a lot of the time, summers are quieter, but as soon as the students get back at the end of August, things really pick back up. It can be exhausting, but it’s also fun to see the campus buzz back to life after a long summer off for the students.

2. School
This semester, I have a 16-week class, and I just finished an 8-week class, which was extremely fast-paced and writing-intensive. But guess what?! I got 100% in that class! Woo hoo! And now it’s over, but my other class is getting busy, too, with two major projects and a paper standing between me and the end of the semester in December.

3. Family
Baby I’s terrible twos aren’t really terrible, but they do require a lot of work. Two year olds are crazy adorable, but they are also crazy messy, inquisitive, and they need your undivided attention at all times. There is definitely never a dull moment with her around! A also has been doing great with his barber shop, but he also works 6 days a week, so we only get Sundays together as a family. That’s pretty difficult, but things could be so much worse. We are very, very fortunate and blessed. I’m trying to enjoy every moment we have as a family right now.

4. Training
My half-marathon is now less than 3 weeks away, and you guys, I have bad news. I tried for a long run (13 miles) on Sunday, and I only made it 3, because the outside of my left knee was killing me. This was the first time that ever happened. It still kind of hurts two days later, and I’m getting really nervous about what this is going to mean for the race. I have been training for six months now, and I am bound and determined to finish that race, even if it means I’m the last one across the finish line.

That’s the gist of it. I hope that life begins to stabilize soon and I can blog regularly again.

Readers: what’s the best book you’ve read this year? Runners: Any advice for knee problems? 


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