Stitch Fix #4

Where is the Stitch Fix #3 post, you ask? It’s not there. Sigh. Sorry. Grad school, work, being sick again and again…these are the things that have been slowing down my blogging game. So many apologies, but I have given up on blogging Stitch Fix #3. At least for now. I still have all of the (poor quality, as usual) photos, so maybe the mood will strike one day soon and I’ll post it, excruciatingly out of order.

Okay, so the usual spiel, in case you haven’t seen my Stitch Fix posts before (or anyone else’s). Stitch Fix is a subscription box/personal styling service, except you don’t have to get a box every month. You can just tell them when you want them to send you a box. You go to the site, fill out a really detailed style survey that includes the styles you wear most, what you wear least, what pieces you need more of, your sizes, accessory preferences, and even how much you’d like to spend on each piece. You can even link to a Pinterest board with styles you like, and they really do refer to it! You pay a $20 fee to get your box, which comes with cards that tell you how to style each of the five pieces you’ll get, and you can deduct that $20 from anything you buy. If you buy all five items in your box, you get a 25% discount! There’s also a referral program where you get credit toward your purchases if people sign up for Stitch Fix via the link they provide for you. For that reason, all links to the site in this post are my unique URLs, so if you’re thinking of signing up after reading my blog, please use my link! Thanks! 🙂

Onto the show.

Photo Nov 12, 8 48 09 PM
OK, first item in the box: This fantastic sweater. Or so I thought, when I pulled it out. Awesome knit sweater, perfect color, quirky patters: check, check, check. Should’ve been a done deal. Except when I put it on and saw how short it was in the front and how it weirdly bows out at the sides. As awkward as it looks in the picture, it looked and felt even more awkward in person. Boo. Verdict: Sent back.

Photo Nov 12, 8 43 32 PM  Photo Nov 12, 8 45 03 PM
This shirt is just perfect. I knew it would be perfect when I saw the fabulous, fabulous color in the box. It’s similar in cut and material to the first shirt I ever bought from Stitch Fix, but a little longer, which makes it fun to wear untucked, but it also looks polished and pretty tucked in. Perfect for work and going out! Verdict: Kept, of course!

Photo Nov 12, 8 51 44 PM
This scarf. Was there ever even a question? One can never have too many infinity scarves, and the pattern and soft feel of this one makes it just to die for. It’s also very floaty, so it’ll be a year-round piece. Win! Verdict: Kept.

Photo Nov 12, 8 57 26 PM
Okay, readers, we are going to have to talk about this skirt. It is so cute. It fit so well. I loved it the minute I put it on, even if (or maybe even because?) the length and pleats are very different from a skirt I would typically buy. But it was also the most expensive thing in my box. And by the time I put it on, I already knew I wasn’t keeping everything, and therefore wouldn’t be getting the 25% discount. So, after some soul-searching, I knew what had to be done. Sigh. Verdict: Sent back, with fingers crossed that it shows up again in a future box when the budget is better.

Photo Nov 12, 8 54 27 PM
Adorable shirt. Fun. Good layering piece. But…it doesn’t fit. I know it’s difficult to tell from the photo, but believe me. It. Doesn’t. Fit. Verdict: Sent back.

What do you think? Did I make the right decisions? 

What pieces are you dying to put in your closet this winter? (Not limited to my Stitch Fix, or any Stitch Fix).


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