Grad School Update

Dear reader, I’ve just finished my third semester of grad school! Woo hoo!! And guess what?! I have a 3.94 GPA. I think that’s pretty awesome, myself. I’m not on a typical grad school schedule, since I’m taking it pretty slow, so I’ve still got about 7 semesters to go before I get my degree.

This semester was pretty darn stressful. I had my first seated class (as opposed to online classes), and even though it’s technically about the same level of difficulty, it’s tougher for me to have everything prepared for a set class time than it is to work at my own pace online. A night class also made for very long days on Mondays (yes, I probably would’ve spent the same amount of time on schoolwork with an online class, but there’s a big difference between being in class and doing work in the comfort of your own home). In the summer, I’ll go back to online classes, but in the spring semester, I’ll have a practicum I’ll need to do. I’m hoping a practicum will be a bit more my speed, though, than a traditional seated class. It’s also in the middle of the day, and I’ll be taking lunch breaks and some vacation time to complete it, so I won’t have to worry about long days.

I’ve got several blog posts planned for my winter break, so keep checking back! I really appreciate all the comments I get on each and every post. Blogging is definitely one of my favorite me-time activities.

Anyone have anything fun planned for their Christmas/winter breaks (even if it’s a very short break)?


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