The Second Resolutions Post

Last year, I wrote my inaugural Resolutions Post. Here’s how I did on those goals:

2014 Goal #1: Spend lunch breaks more wisely
I think I did pretty well on this goal this year. I spent very few lunches at my desk, wiling away my allotted hour for lunch. In fact, I can only think of one time I did that all year. The vision was to use that break for blogging and homework. I did have a lot of homework lunch breaks out of necessity, and that was so helpful and awesome. I didn’t do much lunch break blogging, though (sorry, dear readers). I did get a lot of quality time with my work bestie, though, and even though that was tough on my budget at times, nothing lifts my spirits quite like a fun lunch with a friend.

2014 Goal #2: Send out real birthday cards
Confession time: I made it to March or April with this goal. Oops, sorry to everybody in my life with late spring, summer, fall and winter birthdays! I think the family and friends who actually did get birthday cards from me this year really enjoyed them, though, so I’m re-instating this goal.

2014 Goal #3: Give more generously
A and I gave more money this year than we ever have before, despite some money troubles. I know how backward that sounds. Two-years-ago-me would have not liked this at all. But this year me doesn’t miss the money, and knows that it was a very worthy way to spend it. We didn’t give as much as maybe we would have liked to, and we didn’t stretch ourselves financially (beyond what we already were due to other circumstances). When I set this goal last year, I really would have loved to give a little more every year, but I think we’re going to have to continue at the same rate of giving this year, at least until our short sale goes through.

2014 Goal #4: Prepare meals ahead of time
This one was a total flop. I did almost zero advanced meal preparation. Whoops. I still think it’s a worthy goal; there are a lot of occasions I can think of this past year when I was just too exhausted to fix dinner, and so my family ate out at a restaurant instead of at home, which wastes money and is never as healthy. If I had prepared some meals ahead of time and frozen them, I could’ve just popped some servings into the microwave. This is still a goal of mine, but I have no idea how I’m going to make the time to do this.

A new goal for 2015: Stay Active
My loyal readers know that I completed a half-marathon in 2014. That was huge. I’m not planning another in 2015 (yet), but I loved the way that training for something like that made me feel physically and emotionally. I really want to continue that feeling right into 2015. I do want to keep running, because I love it, but I’d also love to incorporate some other activities to get a lot of great variety and enrich my active life.

So, that’s pretty much it: I’m keeping all of my resolutions from 2014 and adding one for 2015. Do you do New Year’s resolutions? What are they? Anyone have some tips for how the heck to start prepping meals ahead of time?!


2 thoughts on “The Second Resolutions Post

  1. Marie says:

    I make a huge crock of chili, eat it for a meal or two, and freeze the rest in 2-cup pyrex bowls. Once it’s frozen I pop it out* and stick it in a ziploc to save space (and bowls). Voila…instant serving of chili (well, instant + microwave time)! Same deal for most things I crock, or if I make a huge pan of fried rice…basically anytime I cook a huge amount of food!

    *involves letting it sit in hot water for a couple minutes, so slightly more involved than it sounds, I suppose!

    • These are great tips! Unfortunately for me, when I try my best to make a huge pot of something, A ends up eating it all (or nearly all of it)! I do get leftovers to eat for lunch for about half of the week usually, so I guess that’s a win. I just want to be one of those amazing people with a freezer full of meals I can access at any time, I guess 🙂

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