What Is Blog?

Oh, Dear Readers, I may as well have forgotten what a blog is, and how to write posts. It has been far too long. As has been my story the past few sparse posts, the past couple of months have been overwhelmingly busy. But never fear! I am bursting with things to post about and the end of my semester is near! For now, I am woefully behind on Stitchfix reveals!

Without further ado, here is Box #5!

1. Black Sweater Surprise (or, the mullet sweater)


Yeah, it looks like a plain black sweater in front, but what’s that peeking out from the back?


Surprise! It’s polka-dot fun!

The black material of this sweater is soooo soft and comfy, and it is plenty long enough, which can sometimes be a problem for me. I do need a flesh-colored cami underneath, because you can see through the back, but all in all, this sweater is irresistible.

Verdict: Kept.

2. Mauve-ish Blouse


This shirt was cute, but fit a little tight through the shoulders, and was entirely see-through. I wasn’t willing to make exception on my discomfort with see-through-ness on this shirt, like I was for the mullet sweater. It just wasn’t that cute.

Verdict: Sent back.

3. Stripey Cardigan


Y’all. This cardi was ah-mazing. It was warm, and flattering, and just perfect to wrap up in. BUT. The price was a little high, and I was on a strict budget this time. Le sigh. 

Verdict: Sent back (but hoping I see it in a future fix!).

4. Chevron Dress


Where do I even start? That color. That fit. The chevron. This was an absolute no-brainer.

Verdict: Kept.

5. Chevron Necklace

Chevron_NecklaceI was on the fence in my last fix about keeping the necklace, but I wore it with almost everything! Stitchfix just gets me, and my accessories game needs help. This necklace was really reasonably priced, so I had to.

Verdict: Kept.

If you’re new to my blog, or this is your first time reading one of my Stitchfix posts, be aware that Stitchfix doesn’t compensate me in any way for posting these reviews. I just love the service. But, if you are thinking about signing up for a fix, please use one of the links to Stitchfix in my blog! I get a little referral credit for everyone who signs up via my links 🙂

What did you think of my fix? What is your favorite thing about Spring?


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