Running Update: Pain in the Keister

Hello, friends! I just finished an exhausting summer semester of school, but I’ve still been running and training for my half marathon in November. Between those things, work, and taking care of A and Baby I, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to blog, but I’m hoping to change that during my few precious days off before fall semester begins.

Anyway, I am still loving running. Sometimes it is difficult to get myself out of bed in the morning and get going, but I’m always happy I went running. One thing has been a literal pain-in-the-butt lately, though: Sciatica.

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On Running

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I have written a little bit on the blog about my relationship with running. I’m not really a runner, but I have completed several 5Ks. However, I haven’t done any serious (read: continuous) running for a couple of years. In the same breath, the runner’s high is a very real thing and it’s hard to ignore, and several weeks ago I began to feel the itch again. So, I did the second craziest thing I could think of: I signed up for a half marathon.

Let me say that again: The first weekend in November, I’m running a half marathon.

Going ahead with signup is both utterly insane and also a very smart thing; if I have already registered (and paid), I am much less likely to quit my training. I felt okay about it, too, because the first weekend in November is a long way off, so I have a lot of time to get ready.

I’ve been “training” for a little over two weeks now. I started with run/walking, but now I’m pretty much just running. For the first month or so of my training plan, I’m running three days per week – (relatively) short runs. In a couple of weeks, I’ll add another run to my week: a long run. I’m pretty nervous about starting my long runs, but if my training so far is any indication, I’ll at least come away from them with an amazing sense of accomplishment. I’m using Runkeeper to keep track of my runs, and I love hitting milestones (longest distance or fastest pace)! The bad thing about being a beginner, though, is that I hit milestones almost every run right now. As I get better, that’ll taper off. I hope I don’t lose motivation.

Here’s how my runs have gone so far (don’t laugh; I’m out of shape!)

  1. 1 mile in 13:15
  2. 1.3 miles in 22:18
  3. 1.5 miles in 24:25
  4. 1.7 miles in 21:38
  5. 1.7 miles in 20:19
  6. 1.8 miles in 22:09
  7. 1.8 miles in 19:51

I dunno, my maps show that my 1.8 mile runs are more like 1.99 miles, but the app doesn’t see it that way when I actually do the run. I need some new routes anyway (there will be lots of two mile runs during the course of my training) so I’ll try to stretch it into 2 miles.

I wanted to do some training updates periodically to help keep me motivated, so I hope that’s okay. Have any of you ever trained for a half-marathon? I’d love to hear your top tips!

30 Days of Healthy: Week 1 Recap

Dear reader, I have a confession to make. Immediately after I wrote my kickoff post for the 30 Days of Healthy challenge, I went to the company vending machine and bought a pack of Reece’s Pieces.

Sigh. But the rest of the week actually went pretty ok. I’m feeling much better today than I did this time last week. Here’s a breakdown of how I did on each of my goals:

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30 Days of Healthy

Public domain image (translation: no, that’s definitely not me. I mean, look at her perfect form. Definitely not me.)

So, I stumbled upon a website called Social Workout, and decided on a whim to commit to 30 days of consciously meeting healthy goals. I try to think about being healthy every day, but sometimes I think about healthy things while eating pie straight out of the pan with a giant serving spoon.


So, this site inspired me. (It’s social media, so log on and find me; we can connect fitness goals!) There are several categories you can go to and select goals to set for yourself, including fitness, meditation, eating, sleeping, green living, and ‘other’ goals. I set goals in every category except sleep. Because, let’s be real, I’d just be setting myself up for failure.

Here are my healthy goals:

  1. Do four workouts per week for four weeks
  2. Buy local one day per week for four weeks
  3. Declutter (get rid of) one item per day for 30 days
  4. Eat 2 servings of fruits and vegetables per day for 30 days
  5. Write one thing I’m grateful for per day for 30 days

I’m pretty pumped…hopefully I can keep these up for the next month. I plan on checking in on the blog once a week to tell y’all how I did. So here goes week 1…see you on the other side!