Grad School Semester #4 Recap

I am just nearly finished with my fourth semester in grad school! This semester was a little lighter on the school workload front, but much heavier personally, so I don’t have a near-perfect GPA anymore, but I’m still doing well, so I’m not upset.

I had a speech class, which wasn’t my favorite. The act of making speeches wasn’t all that bad, but the class was online, which makes it sound super convenient but it was NOT. I had to borrow my mom’s camera every time I needed to make a speech (thanks, mom!) and then upload it to the site, which was not the most sophisticated I’ve ever interacted with. On top of that, there was MUCH more busywork that I expected. There were two chapters of textbook material to read each week, and then a mandatory review module on the (clunky) site, a quiz, a discussion post…it was just a lot. I think, had I been a traditional undergraduate student, I wouldn’t have minded so much, but as an adult student, well…


But, I also had a practicum class. And that was a much different experience. I was placed in a high school media/English classroom for two hours, two times per week, and I mostly just observed. The school structure, administration, teacher and students were all amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It’s funny, because when I think of my own days in high school, I mostly just cringe. I felt trapped and was just ready to move on. But returning nearly 10 years later…it just amazes me how much potential these almost-adults have, and how wide open the world is to them, and how much they have to look forward to (is that too corny?). I would love to have a role in guiding them someday. That’s the end game!

All in all, this was an okay semester, but I am super grateful to be almost done. Just a test for my speech class stands between me and an entire three weeks off before summer classes start! Time to start thinking about what I’d like to read/review for fun during that time. Any suggestions?

Psst: if you missed my last blog post – I don’t think the notification email went out to everyone – you might want to check it out. There is some pretty big Life News involved.


Back to School, Back to School


OK, so I won’t be riding a bus or carrying a lunchbox.

So, if you’ve read my blog and/or known me for any time at all, you’ve probably noticed that I love changes and adventure. I’m typically not comfortable resting on my laurels. That said, it’s time to announce my next big undertaking: grad school.

I’m in love with learning, and I crave the structure that class can provide, so I’m really looking forward to taking 6 credit hours (3 undergrad, 3 grad) in the upcoming spring semester! Both of my classes are online, which is brand new to me, but I’m up for the challenge, and glad I won’t have to spend lots of time away from my family my first semester back.

Since these are my first few hours of grad school, I didn’t have to have a completed application package to enroll. That means that I’ll also be working this semester on a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and taking the MAT (eep!). So next semester, I’ll be a fully-fledged grad school student.

While I loved undergrad (I have a B.A. in writing and design arts), this degree will be a bit of a new direction for me. I’m really excited about the change but also nervous. Will I like it as much as I think? Will I be good at it? Will I be able to handle the coursework on top of my other priorities?

What about you guys? Have any of you been to grad school? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear your stories as I embark on this adventure!