30 Days of Healthy – Challenge Recap

The 30 days is already over! Whew…I don’t know if I would call it a blinding success. I didn’t lose 30 pounds or 20 inches and my teeth aren’t whiter and my skin isn’t glowing. I didn’t expect any of these things though; the challenge was really more about being intentional about my health. And that, I did accomplish.

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30 Days of Healthy: Week 3 Recap

Ugh, another week gone by without a post. I promise I have some drafts going, so there will one day be more on this blog than these goal recaps (plus, there’s only one week left in the challenge, so yay!). I’m going to warn you: this week was absolutely pathetic. But I’m confessing my shortcomings to you anyway, dear reader.

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30 Days of Healthy: Week 2 Recap

As you can tell from my uncharacteristic lack of posts this past week, I have been excruciatingly busy. And being busy does not always allow for putting physical and mental health first, but this past week, amongst all the craziness (which I hope to visit later in a blog post), I did try to keep my health goals in mind. So, even though week 2 of my 30 Days of Healthy Challenge wasn’t perfect, I’m still proud I didn’t fall completely off the wagon!

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30 Days of Healthy: Week 1 Recap

Dear reader, I have a confession to make. Immediately after I wrote my kickoff post for the 30 Days of Healthy challenge, I went to the company vending machine and bought a pack of Reece’s Pieces.

Sigh. But the rest of the week actually went pretty ok. I’m feeling much better today than I did this time last week. Here’s a breakdown of how I did on each of my goals:

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