My First Experience with Blue Apron

I must be a real Millennial, because I am getting SO INTO subscription services. Dear readers, you are probably already familiar with my undying love for Stitchfix. I actually don’t even enjoy shopping in stores anymore (for clothes anyway) because getting clothes shipped to me that are already my style and size is so much more comfortable. Also, I like pretending I’m super rich and have a personal shopper/stylist who does this for me all the time.

Something that lots of my mom friends (okay, two of my mom friends and lots of mom bloggers whom I happen to read) have been doing for their sanity is having their groceries delivered. This is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile, because as a full-time working/grad school-attending mom, the whole meal planning, grocery store shopping routine monopolizes my time more than I’d like. Well, there aren’t a lot of good options for grocery delivery in my area, but during my search, I stumbled across services like Blue Apron over and over.

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