Grad School Semester #4 Recap

I am just nearly finished with my fourth semester in grad school! This semester was a little lighter on the school workload front, but much heavier personally, so I don’t have a near-perfect GPA anymore, but I’m still doing well, so I’m not upset.

I had a speech class, which wasn’t my favorite. The act of making speeches wasn’t all that bad, but the class was online, which makes it sound super convenient but it was NOT. I had to borrow my mom’s camera every time I needed to make a speech (thanks, mom!) and then upload it to the site, which was not the most sophisticated I’ve ever interacted with. On top of that, there was MUCH more busywork that I expected. There were two chapters of textbook material to read each week, and then a mandatory review module on the (clunky) site, a quiz, a discussion post…it was just a lot. I think, had I been a traditional undergraduate student, I wouldn’t have minded so much, but as an adult student, well…


But, I also had a practicum class. And that was a much different experience. I was placed in a high school media/English classroom for two hours, two times per week, and I mostly just observed. The school structure, administration, teacher and students were all amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It’s funny, because when I think of my own days in high school, I mostly just cringe. I felt trapped and was just ready to move on. But returning nearly 10 years later…it just amazes me how much potential these almost-adults have, and how wide open the world is to them, and how much they have to look forward to (is that too corny?). I would love to have a role in guiding them someday. That’s the end game!

All in all, this was an okay semester, but I am super grateful to be almost done. Just a test for my speech class stands between me and an entire three weeks off before summer classes start! Time to start thinking about what I’d like to read/review for fun during that time. Any suggestions?

Psst: if you missed my last blog post – I don’t think the notification email went out to everyone – you might want to check it out. There is some pretty big Life News involved.