Stitchfix #5 and Maternity Style

Just after I found out Baby I will soon be Big Sister I, Stitchfix sent me a very well-timed email notification that they now carry maternity wear! My birthday was coming up, so I had no choice but to schedule a fix immediately.

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My Stitch Fix Experience

So I recently stumbled upon Stitch Fix, which is a personal shopping service that sends five items of clothing, accessories, or bags right to your door for you to try on in your own home. It’s genius, actually.

Here’s how it works: you go to the site, fill out this really detailed style profile that includes your sizes and the price you’d prefer to pay for each type of clothing or accessory. You can even link to a Pinterest board that you’ve got some hot fashion items on! Then, you can either tell them when to send you a box (or “fix”) or you can sign up for a monthly subscription. You pay a $20 “styling fee” when they send you your fix, but you can apply that to any item you decide to keep! If you keep all five items in your box, you get 25% off. It’s a pretty good deal.

Also, there’s a referral program. All of the links to Stitch Fix on this post are my referral links, so if you use my link to get yourself to the site and sign up for a fix, I get some credit (thank you!).

Okay, now to the nitty gritty. What’s it like getting a fix? It’s like Christmas and my birthday, all wrapped up in a very stylish package.

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Why I Can’t Get Down With Black Friday

For a lot of Americans, Thanksgiving isn’t so much about the good food and time off of work (hopefully. If not, sorry! I’ve been there). It’s really about the anticipation and build-up to what has become the main event: Black Friday.

Listen, if you love Black Friday, cool. If you love standing in long lines with family and friends, trampling down old ladies and biting children for the shiniest Xbox* in the store, and the thrill of feeling like you got a screaming deal, I can respect that.

But I have never, nor do I plan to ever, participate in Black Friday. Here’s why I prefer sleeping off my turkey hangover at home.

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