Grad School Semester #4 Recap

I am just nearly finished with my fourth semester in grad school! This semester was a little lighter on the school workload front, but much heavier personally, so I don’t have a near-perfect GPA anymore, but I’m still doing well, so I’m not upset.

I had a speech class, which wasn’t my favorite. The act of making speeches wasn’t all that bad, but the class was online, which makes it sound super convenient but it was NOT. I had to borrow my mom’s camera every time I needed to make a speech (thanks, mom!) and then upload it to the site, which was not the most sophisticated I’ve ever interacted with. On top of that, there was MUCH more busywork that I expected. There were two chapters of textbook material to read each week, and then a mandatory review module on the (clunky) site, a quiz, a discussion post…it was just a lot. I think, had I been a traditional undergraduate student, I wouldn’t have minded so much, but as an adult student, well…


But, I also had a practicum class. And that was a much different experience. I was placed in a high school media/English classroom for two hours, two times per week, and I mostly just observed. The school structure, administration, teacher and students were all amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It’s funny, because when I think of my own days in high school, I mostly just cringe. I felt trapped and was just ready to move on. But returning nearly 10 years later…it just amazes me how much potential these almost-adults have, and how wide open the world is to them, and how much they have to look forward to (is that too corny?). I would love to have a role in guiding them someday. That’s the end game!

All in all, this was an okay semester, but I am super grateful to be almost done. Just a test for my speech class stands between me and an entire three weeks off before summer classes start! Time to start thinking about what I’d like to read/review for fun during that time. Any suggestions?

Psst: if you missed my last blog post – I don’t think the notification email went out to everyone – you might want to check it out. There is some pretty big Life News involved.

What Is Blog?

Oh, Dear Readers, I may as well have forgotten what a blog is, and how to write posts. It has been far too long. As has been my story the past few sparse posts, the past couple of months have been overwhelmingly busy. But never fear! I am bursting with things to post about and the end of my semester is near! For now, I am woefully behind on Stitchfix reveals!

Without further ado, here is Box #5!

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Best Thing Thursday

Dear readers, we’ve almost made it through another week, so it’s time again for Best Thing Thursday!

Best Thing Thursday

This week, I began classes again. I’ve got a nice change of pace for my fourth semester of grad school; one online class and one practicum. Not that it’ll be easy, but sometimes a change is nice.

Since I’m back into hitting-the-books mode, I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental rock music. I go through phases regarding the type of music I listen to, but right now, I’m definitely in an instrumental rock phase. If you’ve never tried it, you really should! Especially when you don’t want vocals to distract you from a task.

To get you started, here are a few of my favorites. Happy listening!

What was the best thing about your week? Listen to any good music lately?

Best Thing Thursday

Best Thing Thursday

It’s time for my second Best Thing Thursday post!

Best Thing Thursday

This week, my Best Thing was definitely Baby I’s third birthday. She had a lot of celebration, and it was so much fun.

Last Friday, we began her multi-day birthday celebrations at my in-laws’ house, where we had a small party for Baby I. She was absolutely showered with toys and clothes, so we’re still sort of going through all of those things and trying to organize everything (I don’t know about you, but I have a much harder time purging things and organizing in the winter than I do in the spring. Some of that stuff might just sit in my garage until March. No shame).

Then on Saturday, Baby I had her first real birthday party with three of her little friends. It was so much fun. I didn’t know what to expect with littles at a party, so I didn’t plan much and just let them kind of take the lead. That turned out to be the best plan, because Baby I was actually kind of cranky that day and so were some of the other kids. They definitely wouldn’t have been up to play any structured games or anything. Instead they all kind of picked at the snacks, played in the living room and in Baby I’s room, and of course ate cake. Us parents got to sort of chill out, too, since the kids were all entertaining each other. I was exhausted afterward, but very glad Baby I had such a fun celebration.

The cake. I am SO PROUD of the topper that I made.

The cake. I am SO PROUD of the topper that I made.

The party set-up. Super impressive for dollar store fare.

The party set-up. Super impressive for dollar store fare.

Tuesday was Baby I’s actual birthday. A and I went into her room together to wake her up and made a big “you’re three!” to-do. She liked that :) And then we had to get ready and take Baby I to her first day of preschool since the winter break. I took a half-day so I could pick her up after lunch and just hang out. It seemed like she had a fantastic day. My mom and dad came over later in the afternoon, and we all played, ate chili, and then topped off the night with cupcakes. Diet starts tomorrow.

Mostly, I’m just amazed at what a little person she’s become. It really does happen so fast. Well, maybe not in the moment, but it retrospect, it feels like I just gave birth to her. I’m glad I took lots of pictures of her as a tiny baby, because I just can just barely access those memories of what she was like. But at the same time, it feels like she’s just always been a part of our lives because we just love her so much, and we’ve really hit our stride as a family unit. I’m just so happy to be her mom.

What was the best thing about your week? Any tips for organizing/purging a bunch of stuff that’s just sort of hanging out in your garage?